Driver assistance systems gain importance

On the way to full car autonomy – New survey by Asahi Kasei Europe shows growing needs for driver assistance systems and improved acoustics

The automotive is evolving quickly – new technologies are constantly adding to safety and comfort of the car. This development is strongly user-driven, as the results of a current study conducted by Asahi Kasei Europe and SKOPOS shows.

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Growing need for HMI shows survey

Smarter and simpler: New survey shows growing importance of connectivity features and intuitive control interfaces in the automotive

The automotive is changing. A growing number of electronic systems and functions in the car are constantly adding to the driving experience. The results of the current study conducted by Asahi Kasei Europe and SKOPOS show: The car user is also changing and the need for smarter and simpler HMI (human-machine interface) solutions is growing.

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Need for premium surfaces on the rise

Interior to become the new exterior: New survey by Asahi Kasei Europe shows increasing need towards functional premium surfaces in the automotive

The evolution in the automotive industry is ongoing. A changing mobility behavior and the growing autonomy of cars will profoundly impact the user’s driving experience. Automotive interior features are on their way to become the main differentiating element influencing buying decisions – and within the interior the need towards premium, hygienic and sound-absorbing surfaces is on the rise.

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Green Hydrogen Production in Fukushima

The Japanese technology company Asahi Kasei is taking the next major step towards becoming a provider of large-scale alkaline-water electrolysis systems for the production of green hydrogen

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