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Introducing Asahi Kasei Europe

Corporate Social Responsibility

Care for People – Care for Earth: A philosophy that is deeply anchored in the company’s DNA.

Introducing Asahi Kasei Europe

A Century Full Of Visions

A man of high ideals, Asahi Kasei founder Shitagau Noguchi always dedicated himself to enhancing the quality of life for people.

“I want to solve the global food problems by providing low-priced fertilizer,” he aspired, “If people didn’t have to worry about getting enough food, they wouldn’t have to fight each other anymore.”

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Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Promotion of Culture & Sports


Asahi Kasei is actively promoting sports in Düsseldorf

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Care for Earth

Care & Protect

Our team actively strives to safeguard our environment through a diverse range of activities

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Care for People

Local Matters

Our employees voluntary commit in local activities contributing to life and living

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Support for our Employees

For our Team

Asahi Kasei organizes activities for safety and health

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Promotion of Culture and Sports

Asahi Kasei and Judo

Asahi Kasei has been actively promoting sports for decades. The focus is on athletics – and judo. The top athletes are also employees of the company with fixed working and training hours every day – and this employment relationship continues even after their active careers. This is fantastic advertising for the company. For the athletes, it means financial independence and long-term security even after their active careers – nothing to be taken for granted, especially in niche sports.

Learn more about Asahi Kasei participation in the Olympic Games.

Judo Workshops

In order to inspire the coming generations in Japan for this traditional sport, Asahi Kasei regularly organizes judo camps in schools throughout the country. Since 2017 also in Düsseldorf. Since 2017, Asahi Kasei Europe has also been a sponsor of the “Sports City of Düsseldorf” and, in this context, has now taken on the task of bringing the judo sports closer to sports-loving children and young people in Düsseldorf.

Asahi Kasei has been organizing a one-day course for beginners and experienced judoka together with the Düsseldorf Judo Club JC71 and the Lessing Gymnasium, a sports school sponsored by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, since 2017.

Photos by Stephanie Wunderl/D.SPORTS

The participants are guided through the workshop by internationally successful professional judoka from Asahi Kasei, including Kenzo Nakamura, gold medalist at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and current Head Coach of the Asahi Kasei Judo Team.

For the children and young judoka a unique opportunity to learn techniques and training methods from internationally successful athletes.

For the athletes and the company it means a contribution to sports promotion and intercultural exchange.

The “Asahi Kasei Europe Judo Workshop” is now an established annual sports event in Düsseldorf. The 6th workshop in August 2023 attracted 120 participants – many children and young people have found their way to judo through this event.

Our Deep Connection to Sport

Partner Of The “Sportstadt Düsseldorf”

Sports is an essential part of Asahi Kasei’s philosophy worldwide. As an active supporter of athletics and judo, employees of the company regularly participate in sports events worldwide, from local marathons and national tournaments, up to the Olympic Games.

Asahi Kasei Europe dedicated itself to actively promote sports activities in Düsseldorf. Being a partner of the “Sportstadt Düsseldorf” ensures, that our support reaches the right audience.

“As a Japanese company, we are delighted to be able to support the promotion of sports in Düsseldorf. Sport makes an important contribution to mental and physical health. It promotes team spirit, personal responsibility and motivation. Here in Düsseldorf, we not only want to develop our company but also contribute to the success of the city.” says Hideki Tsutsumi, former Managing Director of Asahi Kasei Europe GmbH.

Asahi Kasei Sportstadt Düsseldorf, Corporate social responsibility
fortuna Asahi Kasei

Partner Of Fortuna Düsseldorf

As a sports-loving company, Asahi Kasei Europe enthusiastically supports the local soccer team, Fortuna Düsseldorf.

We are a partner of Fortuna because:

– Sport is also our passion!
– Tradition, respect and community are also very important to us!

Care for Earth

Respect & Protect Nature

We are proud that our Asahi Kasei employees are passionate about contributing to sustainability both inside and outside of work. Many employees and family members from Asahi Kasei Europe joined this year’s RhineCleanUp where participants collected garbage along the riverbank near the Düsseldorf office.

The RhineCleanUp initiative was brought to life in 2018 to keep Germany’s longest river and its surroundings clean from garbage. More than 30,000 volunteers joined the CleanUp in recent years, and 1,000 tons of garbage have been collected so far. The clean-up is a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the local community and nature.

garbage bags, plastic in nature
Sunset landscape, mountain

Winner of Photo Contest 2023

Think Sustainable

Every year, the global Asahi Kasei family comes together to participate in a sustainability photo contest. Through the lens of “Care for People” and “Care for Earth,” employees capture and share moments that highlight the significance of sustainability in their lives. The photos are filled with images of nature, animals we want to protect, and the smiling faces of our loved ones.

The aim of the project is to provide an opportunity to think about what we can and should do now for the sake of the things we want to protect and connect with even after these times have passed. And to provide an opportunity to realize such a tomorrow and future.

This collective effort enables Asahi Kasei to make a meaningful contribution to the world through the UNICEF Inspired Gifts program of the Japan Committee for UNICEF.

Care for People

Cancer Prevention

During the summer employees of Asahi Kasei Europe participate in the charity rowing regatta “Düsseldorf am Ruder”. Taking place close to the Asahi Kasei Europe office, the 250-meter racetrack is located at the media harbor area in Düsseldorf. The charity rowing regatta is a great opportunity for employees to engage in a fun and meaningful activity while giving back to the community. Asahi Kasei Europe is committed to supporting local initiatives and this event is just one of the many ways in which the company demonstrates its dedication to social responsibility.

Brought to life in 2015, this annual event aims at increasing awareness for cancer prevention and raises money to support affected people and families. Each year, the proceeds are donated to a regional non-profit cancer foundation.

Düsseldorf Harbor, Rhine Tower
christmas present under the christmas tree

Wishing Tree

Christmas is a time for sharing kind words and gifts. Asahi Kasei Europe participates in the “Wishing Tree” project where our employees purchase small Christmas gifts for elderly citizens of Düsseldorf. These individuals are in a challenging financial and personal situation and may lack support from family and friends. By fulfilling their wishes, we hope to bring a little happiness and warmth to their holiday season.

The “Wishing Tree” project is supported by the Deutsche Rotes Kreuz e.V. | German Red Cross and the local initiative “Herzwerk“. Founded in 2009, “Herzwerk” is helping people struggling with old-age poverty. It can be a donation, a gift or just a joint walk through the park – every gesture counts, especially in this time of the year.

Run for Health & Charity

In 2023 sixteen employees from Asahi Kasei Europe participated in the B2Run Düsseldorf event – a wonderful occasion to ignite Team Asahi Kasei spirit while promoting physical health at the same time.

A part of the participation fee for each runner will be donated to DKMS gemeinnützige GmbH, an international organization dedicated to the fight against blood cancer and other blood disorders.

With its roots going back to 2004, B2Run is Europe’s largest corporate running series. In 40 locations throughout the continent more than 200,000 runners join every year. Employees from Asahi Kasei have been participating since 2018.

People run a marathon, run, sports

Support for our Employees

Safety & Health

Safety First: Tripping and slipping are the major causes of accidents in almost all companies. To increase awareness towards these and other hazards at the workplace and during commuting, Asahi Kasei Europe (AKEU) holds the “Health & Safety Day”. Guided by two experts from the “German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the Trade and Logistics Industry” (Berufsgenossenschaft Handel und Warenlogistik (BGHW)), our employees learned to be attentive both in the office and during their commutes to and from work.

To enhance commuting safety, employees at Asahi Kasei can participate in our driving safety training program. With the guidance of experienced trainers, our colleagues can develop the skills to accurately evaluate their vehicle’s performance and handling.

Car Safety Asahi Kasei
Navigation Asahi Kasei
Helmet Asahi Kasei
woman doing yoga at the sea

We prioritize employee safety and well-being

All employees can receive first aid training to ensure that they are prepared to handle situations where an individual’s health may be at risk. This training equips our team with the necessary skills and knowledge to respond to a variety of scenarios. Through the training we can ensure more safety with first aiders ready to assist in the office.

We take stress prevention seriously. On our “Health Day” we spread awareness of mental health importance. An individual health coaching equips employees with specific solutions for stress reduction. To take a step together for better health employees can gather for an active break to stretch and do some exercises that help relax their bodies after prolonged periods of sitting.